Just another useless image. Copyright 2021 Kenneth Jarecke / Contact Press Images

Looking for success? After trying everything else, you may want to consider becoming useless.

We’ve been seeing a lot of pictures of people holding signs lately. Which can only mean we’re going to see more pictures of people holding signs. As photographers, we are conditioned to respond to the marketplace…

While avoiding the thin ice.

The glass doesn’t get any worse than this. Copyright 2021 Kenneth Jarecke / Contact Press Images

How do photographers learn the little things these days, the tiny nuggets of knowledge that could mean the difference between photographic success and failure?

I found myself mentoring a young student and realized the things I was teaching them would never be mentioned in a textbook and only come up…

Looking at Lilac from the outside in. ©2020 Kenneth Jarecke / Contact Press Images

Thank one of those creatives we keep hearing about.

Sirio Maccioni, who some call the greatest restauranteur of our time, is dead. He died eighty-eight years after the same day of his birth. There’s something beautiful in that symmetry, something artistic. Which is fitting as Maccioni was a member of the creative class. He was the kind of person…

Desk of Montana Silversmiths’ VP of Operations. Copyright 2020 Kenneth Jarecke / Contact Press Images

Or, how adaptation is the key to survival

The folks at Montana Silversmiths invited me over yesterday.

As I was making the twenty mile drive, I realized we’ve been neighbors for almost thirty years and I’ve never been inside their place. Of course I’ve seen what they do in the building. If you’ve ever been to a rodeo…

My heart is Split

Emanuele Farneti, the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Italia decided to nix all the photo shoots for the January issue of his magazine.

Flying folks around, feeding them, putting them up in fancy hotels, is costly. However, Farneti’s wasn’t worried about the monetary costs. He was worried about the environmental impact…

Home of Champions Rodeo, Red Lodge, Montana — ©2019 Kenneth Jarecke / Contact Press Images

Shooting slow motion with the Sony a9 on their new 600 f4

FYI, there’s no audio with this video. It went missing on me.

I spent three days shooting rodeo over the July 4th week, at the Home of Champions Rodeo in Red Lodge, Montana. The first two days I shot video, the last day I only shot stills. This is the…

Kenneth Jarecke

I'm a husband, dad, photographer, a writer (sort of), an occasional rancher and the President of The Curious Society. https://www.curioussociety.org

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