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Kenneth Jarecke
3 min readNov 30, 2022

We’re working to make things happen.

(The Curious Society is a member supported 501c3 devoted to supporting and publishing independent photojournalists. Click here to get a copy of our first publication for just the cost of postage.)

My Dear Fellow Members,

I would like to thank you for your support of The Curious Society and for your patience you’ve shown towards me.

It’s been a rough year for TCS. The problems we’ve faced have been trying. As the Founder of our organization and the Editor in Chief of the publication, I take full responsibility for all of our setbacks.

This past December, our second issue was in the can. We were sitting pretty. Hours before we were going to press a computer crashed, we lost our layout and we missed our deadline.

Because the deadline was missed, I returned the money earmarked for printing cost back to the person who had donated it to us. We lost our printing paper as well (about 24,000 pounds worth that was sourced from South Korea during the worldwide shortage).

As you know, our family had some personal problems, right now we feel blessed to have put those behind us.

Bottomline, the momentum created by our first issue and a hugely successful Curious Fest has been lost.

For the past six months we’ve been working to restart our operation, and I think our efforts will be worth it. During this time, I’ve met with experts who have given me priceless marketing and business advice, gratis, because they believe in our mission.

The Curious Society needs and deserves to exist. Our industry (and country) needs an alternative market to support the work of independent photojournalists (as there are few media organizations that do so). A strong TCS provides another place for great work to appear, and it also encourages mainstream outlets to up their game.

Competition is good. More eyeballs are better than less. More voices need to be heard.

I don’t have an exact timeline, but we will get our second issue (and many more) to press. When that happens, I won’t allow anything to steal that momentum away from us again.



Kenneth Jarecke

I'm a husband, dad, photographer, a writer (sort of), an occasional rancher and the Founder of The Curious Society.