Talking with Karen Mullarkey

Update: You can now read Part 2 here.

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When Karen Started At Life In The 1960s America’s Men Wore Silver. (Ralph Morse/Life Magazine)
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But they still preferred their women in gold. (Life Magazine, November 6, 1964)

Mad Men

In 1964, after I graduated from college and went out looking for a job, the first things they’d ask was how many words do you type, how fast is your dictation and do you make good coffee. Honey. I only had one of those skills and that’s that I make pretty good coffee.

Life Magazine

He (Richard Pollard) came in very early, at seven. He told me I had to be in by eleven, because he knew I was out playing with Bill Eppridge and everybody else. When I came in, sitting on my little desk written on brown paper would be a “Letter to,” then just a name and bullet points. It was up to me to write the letter.

I'm a husband, dad, photographer, a writer (sort of), an occasional rancher and the President of The Curious Society.

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